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Cube Owners' Forums offer accurate technical information, active discussion forums, discounts on Cube performance parts and accessories, a friendly and supportive community, Altima classified ads, enthusiast events and the latest news from Nissan.

Product Updates

2012 Nissan cube

2012 cube Pricing

Nissan releases pricing and model details for the 2012 Nissan cube.

Product Updates

2012 Nissan cube

2012 cube Changes

Nissan details the 2012 Nissan cube lineup, options, specifications, and changes for the 2012 model year

cube Performance

cube stillen intake

Stillen Intake project cube receives a Stillen intake system. Review and step-by-step installation..

Product Assurance

nissan cube owners review roadtest

cube Review

NICOclub owners update: 20,000 miles in a Nissan Cube

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